Why PVC makes the perfect tablecloths for kids

PVC tablecloths come out to be very handy for home makers and busy and responsible mums when it comes to protecting costly furniture from the sweet nuisances of the children during birthday and other parties. Also the wide range of modern tasteful designs allows you to select one that perfectly aligns with your taste. Gone are the days when plastic tablecloths were considered less tasteful to gel with party flavor.

This article focuses on some of the pronounced benefits of PVC in comparison to traditional cotton or synthetic table cloths when it comes to having tension-free parties with children’s participation.

Protect furniture from spillage, stains and wetting

No party is complete without furniture being smeared by chocolates and soft drinks in the end. PVC table cloths protect the furniture from getting stained and wet. The surface polish of your furniture remains in good health and saves you from spending on re-polishing even in distant future. All you have to do is wipe the cloth clean!

Protect costly furniture from shoe dust, dents and scratches

There are kids who eat less and play more during parties and often climbing upon furniture. Thick tablecloths provide perfect protection against such childish nuisances and help you remain care free and parents of the naughtier children embarrassment free and bends and edges and surfaces of the costly furniture remain safe.

kids pvc cloth

Flame resistant

PVC tablecloths are flame resistant. Thus lighting of candles during birthday parties does not call for additional attention as children are not exposed to fire hazard should there be any from the burning candles. It also stands well before unmindful smoking parents.


Technically plastic tablecloths are more durable than cotton based and other synthetic tablecloths as they are not subject to rigorous cleaning and ironing. The raw material used keeps the product absolutely termite free if remains unused for a long time. Thus wear and tear cost of PVC tablecloths is much less as compared to that of other tablecloths.


Birthday parties for kids need to be everything-child-friendly and PVC tablecloths with pictures of cartoon characters and animals upon them don’t stand behind.

Easy to clean

Traditional tablecloths need a lengthy cleaning process; removing the stains, putting into washing machine, drying, ironing and finally storing it. But a PVC tablecloth just needs to be wiped and dried in few minutes before putting it into the cabinet till the next party. With extra-ordinary smooth surface these tablecloths need much less washing material and water, thus refrains you from misusing resources.


Cotton based and synthetic tablecloths may prove to be safe haven for bacteria if not cleaned and dried properly, as there are rooms for them. But PVC tablecloths, by virtue of having nonporous surface, remain bacteria free. And who doesn’t know what havoc bacteria can play with kids.

Where to buy online

We found a great supplier called Simply Tablecloths who has a range of PVC and oilcloth tablecloths. Their website also allows you to add extra edge binding to make the tablecloth look better as well. Also on their website, if you are looking for something a bit more posh and long lasting, they have a great range of Teflon tablecloths. All of them offer a great wipeable cloth to really protect your home from the kids.

Our babies….



I know this is not our usual thing but I couldn’t resit. This just reminds me of my son so much. I’m sure all you mothers can relate!

Summer Baby Bag

baby bag

Going away this summer? We have been testing out this new baby bag and we think it is great!

First of all who loves this design? Or shall I say who don’t love design? This Babybag comes in a few different colour ways, blue being our favourite, which makes it even harder to dislike.

Practical part: There are plenty of side pockets for quick access, one on the front and two each side. It has one main handle that is the perfect length for your shoulder which also includes clips for the pram.

Inside is spacious, even enough room for some Lego!  It has two side compartments which one is a zip for extra safety.

We found this bag here and thought it would be a worth the test for our readers.

Our rating: 7/10

The LEGO Duplo Building Set



Keep your children entertained for days!

We have found that these Lego sets are best for smaller ones. Big blocks make it easier to assemble and safe so parts can not be swallowed. This toy set is a classic and perfect for any child.  Even better this timeless set can always to be passed down; or sold if you have no use for it any more. Lego will always be in demand.

Price range: £20-40

Our rating: 9/10

Here we go…

First day our blog is officially live! We have never done anything like this before so we need all the luck we can get. I know not many people will read this first post but it is important to us that we mark this day.

We look forward to bringing you enjoyable posts in the future.

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